Posted on Apr 5, 2013
Letter From a Patriot

Letter From a Patriot

Charles Forman
Fishers, Indiana 46037

February 19, 2013

Mr. Tom Conner

Dear Tom Conner,

I am a United States of America patriot and HUGE fan of the United States Military. My father, both my grandfathers and my wife’s stepfather are all graduates of the United States Military Academy at West Point. Graduating classes of 1954, 1924 (both grandfathers) and 1977 respectively. My wife’s father (Officer’s Candidate School) was also a soldier and career military man as was my uncle (graduate of the Citadel) and numerous other family members that are too many to mention. Many of the aforementioned served in WWII, Vietnam and Korea wars. I received the book “Resolve” from a very dear friend of mine, Kris Conover.

I did not immediately begin reading the book as I was in the midst of reading “Growing up Patton”, a book written by the grandson of the legendary General George Patton Jr. (actually III, but named Jr.), and son of General George Patton IV and childhood friend of mine, Ben Patton. It is a great book if you get the time to read it and the letters between the father and son while the elder was campaigning across Europe and the younger was a cadet at West Point are particularly wonderful.

The account of your father’s time in the Philippines during WWII in the book “Resolve” is incredible and emotionally moving. The sacrifices of great men such as your father are too often forgotten in these times of entitlement and self-­‐ indulgence. I told Kris after reading “Resolve” that it should be required reading for high school students to reinforce that the freedoms we enjoy were not free and came at a price that many paid for with their lives. The brutalities of war, especially those of the Japanese during WWII, as explained in the book are unbelievable. The Bataan Death March is something you hear about, but usually without specificity. The character, integrity and intelligence your father portrayed in the book is outstanding and his connection to the people he encountered along the way was, I believe, a testament to those traits. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and it reinforced my great love for this country and the many who have served it by fighting for our freedom!

God Bless,

Charles Forman

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